Living area: 222m2
Plot size:

Property for sale and transfer of restaurant business in one of the most exclusive and listed commercial areas in Corralejo city center. The possibility of rental with option to purchase is also offered.

With an unbeatable location in front of the sea, this place is part of the emblematic pedestrian zone which embraces a high number of restaurants and commercial businesses of all kinds, making it a must-see for anyone who visits this town with fishing activity as tradition in northern Fuerteventura. From its enviable situation on the same promenade where the waves break directly into the pavement, it’s easy to spot the Marina as well as large part of Corralejo bay with its corresponding beaches. If during the day it make up an impressive view of the landscape, at night it thrills with the lights and the unmistakable and relaxing sound of the sea.

The property owns all the required licenses for the exercise and the building is distributed over two floors, the ground floor with an area of ​​164m2 and the upper one that covers up to 58m2. It contains rooms where service is provided to customers, bar, a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms and in front of the building entrance, just on the other side of the promenade, there is a terrace which has the possibility to be occupied upon tax payment according to the Council legislation.

It is an undoubtedly successful restaurant business due to its unique gastronomic offer whose service has been active for more than 20 years, dedicating extreme quality to the customers through its dishes and assistance. So much so that it has been obtaining for 3 consecutive years the winning Certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor and reaches an average score on this website of 4.5 out of 5. Its deep roots in the Fuerteventura scene makes it a prosperous place where consumers, both tourists and locals do not hesitate to visit it as many times as possible.